Anna Felegyhazy


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Videoton offices

54 Hűvösvölgyi Road (entrance from Furulya Street)

Building 4, level 3, door 301

1021, Budapest


How to get there

By car

From Széll Kálmán Square through Szilágyi Erzsébet Fasor to Hűvösvölgyi Road it takes around 6 minutes to arrive.

Parking on the streets around and in the guarded parking lot is free of charge.


By public transport

From Széll Kálmán Square by 61, 56, or 56A tram to Kelemen László Street or Zuhatagsor stop (13 minutes) then a 3 minute walk to the address. 


Félegyházy Anna
Tel.: +36702802925
Cím: 54. Hűvösvölgyi Road, Budapest, 1021


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