15139470 10202458656984482 729910880 nI am Anna Felegyhazy, psychologist. I hold sessions in Hungarian and English in Budapest.


I completed my degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at Eötvös Loránd University and the University of Pécs. I also completed a postgraduate course in Scotland, at the University of Edinburgh. As a member of the Hungarian Association of Sexual Therapy and Couples Therapy, I completed a two-year Sexual Psychologist Training Course. As a member of the Hungarian Family Therapy Association I am currently in the supervision phase of the Family and Couple Therapist Training Course, which means I am qualified to provide sessions for individuals, couples, and families as well as participate in mentoring sessions once a month. In 2015 I became a facilitator in the PREPARE/ENRICH Relationship Inventory and Skill Building Program, which helps couples prepare for marriage and enrich their relationships.


In every person's life some changes come which can throw them off balance and cause small or big issues. A change does not necesarily have to be negative, it can be really good too - for example getting married or switching to a better job - yet even positive changes can cause conflicts with which we need to cope.


Getting to know ourselves better, strengthening our family and romantic relationships and learning more effective communication can prepare us to confidently cope with the difficulties put in our paths.


Some of the people who turn to me (ie. engaged or expecting a baby) come to build a strong base to their relationships and increase harmony to provide a buffer against future problems. Others come to gain coping skills and experience to manage current problems and confidently face issues in the future.

Whatever the case, I think the keys for a harmonious life are the continuous and deliberate maintenance of ourselves and our relationships, and also the outlook that problems are challenges.

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