What is this?

PREPARE/ENRICH is a relationship inventory and counseling program which was developed by Prof. Dr. David H. Olson.


It has already helped around 3.5 million couples by identifying the couples' strengths and growth areas and using a specially trained facilitator to help the couple discuss and understand their results.


The assessment focuses on the following areas:



conflict resolution


free time


children and parental roles

family and friends


spiritual benefits


The assessment also helps couples to gain useful information about the patterns each party brings from their original families and the effects of these patterns on their current relationship.


Who do I recommend it for?

It takes a lot of preparation and care from both parties to reach and maintain a strong relationship. I recommend the PREPARE/ENRICH program for those couples who are headed towards marriage or a long-term comittment and they would like to prepare for this new life. Or those couples who are married or together for at least two years and would like to maintain their current harmony. 


The inventory family includes the following:

PREPARE: for couples planning to marry who do not have children

PREPARE MC: for couples planning to marry and at least one of them have children

ENRICH: for couples who are already married or together for a longer time and seeking couple enrichment or counseling

ENRICH MATE: for older couples (50 years or older)



       The PREPARE program is for you if... are preparing for marriage or for a long-term relationship would like to be as prepared as possible when stepping into this new chapter of your life would like to avoid repeating the (possibly) negative patterns you might have brought from your original family or romantic relationships would like to identify the strengths of your relationship and also those areas that are worth talking through are ready to explore areas which you haven not ever talked about believe that a strong relationship needs nurturing would like to try new conflict resolution and communication techniques


 The ENRICH program is for you if... have been together for a long time and you don not want your relationship to become stale would like to shake your relationship up a bit often have disagreements would like to put effort into your relationship after your children are born believe that a harmonious relationship is based on a deep and precise knowledge/understanding of your partner

...your relationship needs a re-boot after the children move out feel your relationship has changed since the beginning would like to start something together that can make your relationship more harmonious and help you find your common strengths would like to know more about the characteristics of your relationship



How does it work?

Separately, each member of the couple fills out the online assessment (Couple Checkup) in English on the following website: (Hungarian version is available in paper form too). You will not see each other's answers. After you are both finished with all the answers you will get a 20-25 pages long result with evaluations and graphs immediately via email.

After that if you would like to go further with the program, you can contact a facilitator who - based on your results and on how she sees your relationship - creates a personalized counseling program for you. This will take about 4-5 sessions during which you both attend. With the guidance of the facilitator you understand the results and with given exercises you practice evaluated patterns if needed. 


You can find more information on the following websites:, where you can also find the list of the official facilitators.


To ask for an appointment, please contact me here:

Anna Felegyhazy


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