hzasMarriage is a promise to each other to live the rest of our lives together.


These days it is common to live together without marriage, which has the same level of commitment as a marriage - a couple can plan to live the rest of their lives together without wanting to have a wedding.


When choosing our life-partner we make a deliberate choice. Many of us have an image of the perfect partner and perfect future in our heads and our hearts. When we eventually find the one who seems to be the closest to our dreams, we happily settle down with them.


However, it takes a lot of preparation and awareness to choose someone for a lifetime. We have to acknowledge that there will be hard times, disagreements and arguments but we also have to know that these are normal. Those who go through hard times together get closer to each other and their relationship can grow stronger.


A good attitude when preparing for marriage is: "Together we can overcome any obstacle". For this we need to know the other person very deeply, go through topics which might be unpleasant or that we haven not even thought about, plan the future in detail, strenghten the relationship and practice effective communication.


Even though we choose the perfect partner for ourselves, we have to remember that they had a life that may have been completely different from ours. Perhaps our mom let us do things that theirs did not. Our ideas about dividing household tasks may not match up. But if we handle it well, the interlocking of two pasts can make the present more colorful. "My past" and "your past" can slowly turn into "our future". 


For those who are getting married I suggest taking the PREPARE/ENRICH test which helps the couple explore and strengthen their relationships and finds those areas which are important to go through in order to have a secure future. 

For more information about the test click here: PREPARE/ENRICH 


The couple comes together for the marriage preparation sessions which take four or five occasions and held weekly or every other week.

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