csaldThe family is one of the most complex units a psychologist can work with. Every member has different characteristics, different dreams and goals, and different ideas; every member is a separate individual.


However, a family is more than the totality of several individuals. They are bonded by shared experiences, emotions, time spent together, and the slowly developed collective habits.


Because of that, if one family member comes against an issue, it usually affects the whole family in their everyday lives. The family can be thought of as a complicated machine - the parts of it are so deeply connected that if one of them stops, it is hard for the whole machine to keep going.


Family issues come in all shapes and sizes but the family always has to deal with them by joined forces, which means that the ideal family therapy session includes all family members in attendance.



Some family-related situations you can turn to me with:

 - Birth of a baby

- Sibling feud

- Questions about raising children

- Issues with teenagers

- Frequent arguments

- Divorce-related issues

- Other problems


The family consultations last about 90-120 minutes with one short break and are usually held in every two weeks, later monthly.


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