prkeresFinding a partner is a really difficult process. More and more people are remaining single for longer even though they try to do everything that can be done to find their life-long partner.


The most common dilemma I hear is the question of whether or not it is worth settling down with someone who is not exactly how we imagined The One. Because time is running out! We are not getting any younger either. And we have already met a lot of people, none of whom meet our specifications.


I think this question is worth examining from a lot of different angles. The case is definitely not as hopeless as it sometimes seems. What are our expectations? Do we expect to find the perfect partner all wrapped up in a bow? Or are we willing to take a chance with imperfection knowing that it could grow into a life-long relationship?


First of all, how many new people do we actually meet?

On average the majority of adults meet one new person a week with whom they talk for more than 15 minutes. That is four people a month and 52 people a year. Let's say half of these people are of the opposite gender, that is 26 people. Out of that number, perhaps half don not fall in the correct age bracket, so we have maybe 13 people left. From there, let's say half are already married or are in serious relationships. This leaves us with six or seven people to choose from in a whole year. If we look at this this way, it is not a surprise that we can not find the perfect one for us.


During the sessions for people looking for a partner, we explore the individual's thoughts, expectations and ideas about a relationship and we try to find an explanation and also try to apply some techniques and changes in order to come up with a happy ending. 

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