egyniIn everyone's life there are highs and lows; some of them are more challenging than the others, but all can be time-consuming and burdensome.


If it seems like we are trying to fix things for the hundredth time but somehow we still end up where we started, if all the advice we get seems to be useless or we do not even want to share our problems with the people around us - it could be useful to consider seeking professional help.


It is often enough to verbalize our problems as it can lead to a whole new point of view - and a whole new point of view leads to different solutions.


The psychologist helps you "climb out of the hole" while also helping to gain useful coping skills which the individual can use if a problem occurs in the future.


 You can contact me if:

 - You are unsure about your future career or you are thinking about changing jobs

- You feel like the control over your life is somehow slipping out of your hands

- Your mood is different than before (moodswings, emptiness, sadness)

- You have issues with your self-esteem

- It is hard for you to fall asleep or you are often tired

- You find it hard to perform various tasks

- You have relationship or family-related issues

- You think your future is hopeless

- You have other issues and you seek guidance.


It is also useful to seek a professional if your goal is to learn more about yourself, about your decisions and to gain more control over your life.


The individual sessions are fifty minutes long and are usually held weekly.

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