VrandsBecoming a parent is one of the biggest gifts in life and also turns the couple's life completely upside down.

Naturally, every parent is full of worries before their baby is born. Am I going to be a good parent? What if I do something wrong? If we asked our parents, they would definitely say that they were worried also as they were faced a new life situation.


During the pregnancy we try to read all the books on the topic, read forums, and ask for advice from the people around us. This is all very important and useful, but we can not forget the most important part - emotionally preparing for the baby's arrival.


The first and basic need of a baby is to feel secure. We can only provide this security if we ourselves feel secure and if the other areas of our lives are mostly problem free. Only in this situation can we focus completely on our baby without being burdened by unrelated issues.


We all know that we are stronger together. In my opinion a strong relationship with our partner eases a lot the stressful time around the arrival of the baby.


Strengthen the relationship, talk over the questions and worries, plan the roles and tasks for when the baby arrives. This can give some kind of relief which can replace the worry with excitement and the couple can be sure that together they can face the happiest (but at the same time scariest) situation - an arrival of a baby. 

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