Sex has many important functions including fulfillment in a relationship, to maintain a healthy life, or to deepen the intimacy between the partners.

People with sexual issues often feel alone when in fact it is not as rare as we would think - around 50% of all men and women in Hungary suffer from some kind of sexual problem. It is just not as easy to talk about or to share with the others, so it turns into a taboo which leads to feelings of loneliness with our issues. 

Sexuality is probably the least common area in which people seek help, which is unfortunate because most of the sexual issues can be completely treated with psychological consultations, leading to a better quality of life. 


Some problems I can help you with:

- Problems with desire (inhibited sexual desire, low sexual desire)

- Difficulties with female orgasm (lack of orgasm - anorgasmia, delayed orgasm)  

- Difficulties with male orgasm (premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation)

- Arousal problems (men - erectile dysfunction, women - lubrication issues)

- Painful sexual intercourse

- Other sex related issues.



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